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Bios Update bio7646.exe
Win 7 32bit/Win 7 64bit/Win Vista 32bit/Win Vista 64bit
Supply date 17.05.2010
Made downloads 26711

Bios Update of the MS 7646 mainboard.
The execution of the update improves the general system stability.

Please ensure to have all other applications (especially background applications) closed, before starting the update procedure.

Never switch off the PC during the execution of the BIOS Update!

1. Unzip the downloaded file into a created folder on your harddisk.

2. Please open the folder 32bit or 64bit depending on the currently installed version of MS Windows™.

3. Run the file flash.bat from Windows™ surface.

5. The system must be rebooted automatically for the changes to become effective.

Please be aware that you noticed the original bios setting before starting the update, because some values may have changed afterwards.

Please note:

To extract all files press the "Extract"-Button. The files will be extracted to the folder specified in the "Folder"-Field. This folder will be created, if it does not exist.

Important notice:For any errors, caused by the execution of this update, we don´ t accept any responsibility for damage or lost of data. The customer agrees with that fact by executing the update.

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