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TV Tuner Card tv_ph713xuk.exe

Supply date 28.06.2006
Made downloads 23232

TV Tuner Hybrid Driver Software of the Philips 7131/7134-Chipset.

This driver is valid for the products listed below:

  • Medion CTX 917
  • Medion CTX 918
  • Medion CTX 918 DVB-T
  • Medion CTX 919 DVB-T
  • Medion CTX 921 DVB-T
  • Medion CTX 925 DVB-T/-S
  • Medion CTX 942 Dual TV Tuner, Dual DVB-T
  • Medion CTX 944 Quad TV Tuner, Dual DVB-T/-S
  • Medion CTX 948 DVB-T/-S
  • Medion CTX 953 DVB-T

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  [size: 324.25 KBytes , ca. 46 sek. / ISDN] Download