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Medion AG
Driver Package drve229x_w10.exe
Win 10 64bit
Supply date 26.07.2018
Made downloads 6943

This full driver package is compatible to the following product series:
  • MEDION AKOYA E2291 Series
  • MEDION AKOYA E2292 Series
  • MEDION AKOYA E2293 Series
  • MEDION AKOYA E2294 Series
  • MEDION AKOYA E2295 Series
  • MEDION AKOYA E2296 Series
  • MEDION AKOYA E2297 Series
  • MEDION AKOYA E2298 Series

To extract all files press the "Extract"-Button. The files will be extracted to the folder specified in the "Folder"-Field. This folder will be created, if it does not exist.


1. Unzip the downloaded file into a created folder on your harddisk and start the YS11G_install.cmd file afterwards by rightclicking it with the option "Run as administrator".

2. The installation process will be started afterwards.

For any errors, caused by the execution of this update, we don´ t accept any responsibility for damage or lost of data.The customer agrees with that fact by executing the update.

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